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Host a Trainee or Intern

If you would like to:

  • Work with experienced, reliable, and motivated young professionals from abroad
  • Share and exchange new ideas
  • Establish new professional contacts
  • Have exciting cross-cultural experiences
  • Form lifelong international friendships
  • Bring an international perspective to your unit and staff
Experience International is just the program you’re looking for!

Experience International and various U.S. Government Agencies share a mutual interest in natural resource management, professional training, transfer of research and technology, and the education of the public regarding management and conservation of natural resources.

The Experience International Program provides Agencies with qualified, reliable and motivated trainees and interns that benefit the management of the nation’s public lands, facilitate professional training for EI participants as well as units who host them, encourage international transfer of research and best practices, advance public education in natural resources and promote communication of regional and international natural resource issues.

Hosting an international visitor is easy:

  • If you already have someone in mind and would like to offer them a position, contact EI and we’ll help make it happen.
  • If you would like to see resumes and offer a position, contact EI and we’ll help you find a trainee that matches the opportunity that you offer.

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