USA Short Term Immersion Program

Immersion in the activities of a USA farm, family and community, ideal for students of all ages!

Short Term Immersion

The Short Term Immersion Program provides international individuals and small groups the opportunity to:

  • Live with a farm family for 1-3 months.
  • Observe and participate in the daily life of the farm, family, and community.
  • Learn about local agricultural markets and products.
  • Immerse yourself in an English speaking environment.
  • Travel, explore and experience American culture while sharing your own!

The Short-Term program provides family farms in Washington State, the opportunity to:

  • Share your farm, family and community with an international visitor.
  • Travel the world without leaving home!
  • Form lifetime friendships and have a home abroad in the future.
  • Give your kids a chance to share and learn about another culture.

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Contact us for more information.  We will introduce you to our partner if we have one in your home country.

Are you interested in a short-term summer visitor on your farm?

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Program Details

The Experience International Short-Term Immersion program is a wonderful, fun and safe way to travel, explore the natural beauty of the area, experience our culture, practice English, and learn about farming in the United States.

  1. Students who are pursuing an agricultural degree.
  2. Students who plan to seek an agricultural degree.
  • Your placement will be tailored to your interests.
  • Some options of family farms include dairy, crops, wine, nurseries, equine, orchards, mixed livestock, organic farms and more!
  • You tell us what you want and we will do our best to find it for you!
  • You can choose 60-120 days for your program
  • You can start anytime but the most common placement is in our summer (June-Sept)
  1. Placement with a fun, honest, family that runs a well-managed, safe operation.
  2. Support with application, preparation and travel.
  3. Fact sheets covering culture adaptation, what to pack, and what to expect.
  4. An arrival orientation by Skype.
  5. 24/7 support in the event of an emergency and/or difficulties encountered.
  6. Personal accident/health insurance policy.
  1. To apply, contact Experience International first.  We may refer you to our program partner in your home country for the application.
  2. Submit an application form.
  3. Interview with Experience International or our program partner.
  4. Your placement will be made based on the type of farm you request.
  5. Detailed placement information will be provided to you before you decide to accept it.
  1. It must be fully understood that participants are here as tourists and cannot work or receive wages of any kind while in the United States.
  2. Housing is provided and expenses can be kept to a minimum, but you are responsible for all other expenses and travel costs.
  3. Your country must be an ESTA (visa waiver) country to participate.
  • Visa: You must be eligible for, and enter the USA on an ESTA.
  • Health: You must have no physical or mental health problems that would limit activities or present possible potential safety problems to either yourself or others.
  • Language: You should have basic conversational English.
  • $850 Program Fee – EI placed
    •  $650 Program Fee – Self-placement
  • $65 per month for health insurance
  • Travel expenses – international and domestic
  • Room and Board are typically provided by host, but if not, this will be made very clear prior to placement confirmation.
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