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Singing Adventures Abroad in USA, Latin America and Europe

Singing Adventures Abroad

Our focus is to work with choral groups that sing in honor of human diversity, peace, and social justice. The singing adventures we organize enable singers of all ages to share the gift of music with groups and communities off the beaten track that may not have the opportunity or resources to listen to, and share with, a foreign singing group!

  • Sharing music
  • Traveling abroad
  • Performing in unique venues
  • Engaging in meaningful musical and cultural exchanges

Programs can include

  • Formal concerts and informal performances
  • Musical exchanges with local choral groups
  • Cultural exchanges with schools and communities
  • Singing in markets, mountain tops and churches
  • Sightseeing “off the beaten track”
  • Options to volunteer or do a service project
  • Options for home and/or farm stays

An unforgettable experience

  • Customized programs
  • Flexible schedules
  • Expert facilitators and guides
  • Sightseeing and exploration
  • Help with sound equipment
  • Confirmed venues and local musical contacts

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Program Details

  • United States: West Coast, Upper mid West and Florida
  • Central & Latin America: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia & Argentina
  • Central & Western Europe: Romania, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland & Denmark
  • Other Countries: Willing to explore depending on the group’s request
  1. It is our belief that music is a universal language and that sharing the gift of music through performances and musical/cultural exchanges is a unique way to help people see the world, broaden their horizons, and gain an understanding of other cultures in a safe, fun, and educational manner.
  2. Our focus is to celebrate world cultures and to sing in honor of human diversity, peace and social justice.
  3. Our commitment is to respect human dignity, tread lightly on the environment, and to provide a high quality, safe, and unique musical experience of a lifetime!
  4. EI works with choral groups to organize customized musical adventures that provide singers with the opportunity to perform and share their music with groups and communities that would not otherwise have the chance or resources to listen to or participate in a musical exchange with groups from abroad. Although we may organize a performance in a large city, we seek to engage more in rural areas, such as an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in a rural agricultural village in Switzerland, or as a benefit for a YMCA in Romania.

First and foremost, we make traveling easy, exciting, and safe for you! In addition to a customized itinerary, we provide:

  1. Scheduled performances, exchange concerts, local musical events and exchanges
  2. Cultural exchanges (home stays, visits to native communities, etc)
  3. Volunteer opportunities with local water projects, orphanages, school groups, etc.
  4. Sightseeing (jungle trips, scenic mountain tours, historic sites) all off the beaten track
  5. Pre-trip cultural information
  6. Pre-trip travel logistics (health, money, climate, etc.)
  7. All meals and lodging
  8. All in-country travel
  9. Organization and coordination of all concerts and musical/cultural exchanges
  10. Coordination of sound equipment
  11. Experienced and knowledgeable guides
  12. Flexibility to enjoy unexpected cultural events such as street markets, ethnic music festivals or watching a potato harvest on 60 degree slopes in the Andes.

For choral groups, we do not have a minimum or maximum group size. We have traveled and sung with groups as small as 35 and as large as 70. Much depends on the group itself, its reasons for travel, and the logistics of working with them to organize a quality experience.

  • EI provides a customized package that generally includes all in-country travel, lodging, most meals, musical exchanges, arrangement of performance venues, basic sound equipment entrance fees, guides, arrangement of service learning/volunteer opportunities, etc. We generally do not arrange international airfare or insurance but give recommendations on both.
  • Past trips (excluding airfare and insurance) vary from $1695 for a 14 day trip with 70 singers to Ecuador to USD$2095 for a 16 day trip with 45 singers to Switzerland and France.

Experience International staff has worked in a number of agricultural and natural resource projects around the world. The professional contacts and intimate knowledge of each country gained through these projects is the base of what we offer on these musical adventures. Through our International Training Program we also have over 2000 alumni in 20+ countries who we can call upon to help design and implement quality study tours. It is this unique combination of professional experience and in-country networks that we utilize when designing a tour. Additionally, the EI Director is an active bass singer and soloist with the Kulshan Chorus in Bellingham, Washington and has organized and participated in international trips for the Kulshan Chorus since 2005.

  • Strong in-country networks and relationships with local communities
  • Small, intimate group size
  • Personal attention from start to finish
  • Local in-country bi-lingual guides
  • Flexible programs customized to the group’s interests
  • Programs that respect and protect the natural environment
  • Emphasis on supporting local communities visited
  • Inclusion of cultural activities
  • An opportunity to learn and grow
  • Fundamental respect for cultural diversity and traveling with cultural sensitivity
  • Special inclusion of volunteer and service learning projects, home stays and hands-on activities
  • EuroTour: Switzerland & France
  • EcuaTour: Ecuador
  • TouRomania: Romania
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