Agricultural and Professional Study Tours

Experience International provides schools, groups and professional organizations worldwide with quality study tours to the United States, Latin America and Western Europe.

Agricultural and Professional Study Tours

Experience International provides schools, groups, and professional organizations worldwide with quality study tours to the United States, Latin America, and Western Europe. Our specialty is in fields related to Agriculture, Forestry, Resource Management, Sustainable Development, and Conservation.

Programs can include

  • Agriculture, dairy and wineries
  • Horticulture and nurseries
  • Forest mgt and forest certification
  • Environmental education
  • Aquaculture
  • Others on request

An unforgettable experience

  • Small groups
  • Customized programs
  • Flexible schedules
  • Expert facilitators and guides
  • Hands-on activities and cultural exchange
  • Sightseeing and explorations

Our focus is on groups of farmers, youth leaders, students, and professionals. Our tours are small, specialized expeditions that take you off the beaten track. Each tour is customized to the group’s interests and enables you to have fun & adventure. And, through cultural and technical exchange you’ll become acquainted with key issues and industries related to your areas of study and professional interests.

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Program Details

  • United States: West Coast (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada), Upper Mid-West (Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois), & Florida
  • Central & Latin America: Costa Rica, Ecuador, & Puerto Rico.
  • Western Europe: United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, & Denmark
  • Other Countries: Willing to explore depending on the group’s request.
  • Note: We can only provide tours to countries that do not require visas for participants.
  • Agriculture & horticulture including dairy and wine industries
  • Forestry and fisheries
  • Natural resource management and conservation including parks and public lands
  • Environmental education, interpretation and ecotourism
  • Rural and sustainable development
  • Rural youth and community development
  • Other related fields on request
  1. Experience International was founded in the belief that international cultural and technical exchange programs play a key role in food security, conservation, appropriate management of natural resource, and increased cultural understanding within our world community.
  2. In addition to running international training programs since 1989, EI works with groups to organize customized study tours that broaden participants’ understanding of the planet and the economic, technical, and environmental challenges faced by the many diverse cultures of our world.
  3. It is our belief that quality study tours are a unique way to help people see the world, broaden their horizons, and gain an understanding of other cultures in a safe, fun, and educational manner.
  4. Our commitment is to respect human dignity, tread lightly on the environment, and provide a high quality, safe, and unique experience of a lifetime!

First and foremost, we make traveling easy, exciting, and safe for you! In addition to a customized itinerary, we provide:

  1. Scheduled visits based on the group’s requests and interests.
  2. Cultural exchanges (home stays, visits to native communities, etc).
  3. Volunteer opportunities with local water projects, orphanages, school groups, etc.
  4. Sightseeing (jungle trips, scenic mountain tours, historic sites)
  5. Pre-trip cultural information.
  6. Pre-trip travel logistics (health, money, climate, etc.).
  7. All meals and lodging.
  8. All in-country travel.
  9. Arrival orientation to the country and people.
  10. Experienced and knowledgeable guides.
  11. Flexibility to stop en-route & smell the flowers such as running into a street market, listening to a surprise ethnic music festival, or watching a potato harvest on 60% slopes in the Andes.
  1. We are not a “tour-company,” rather an educational non-profit that provides groups with quality international cultural and technical exchange. Therefore, we do not offer or promote pre-packaged trips then hope that individuals sign-up to fill the available seats.
  2. Our approach is different. We establish one-time and/or ongoing relationships with a school/university or a professional group that seeks to “travel with a purpose.” We then, apply our international and experiential education expertise and country knowledge and contacts to design a study tour that provides participants with unique & diverse opportunities that will help them meet their trip objectives or organizational mission.
  3. Although group size generally ranges from 15-35 participants, we do not have a minimum or maximum number. Much depends on the group itself, its reasons for travel, and the logistics of working with them to organize a quality experience.
  4. Our smallest group was 12 High School students on an evolutionary biology trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon and Galapagos Islands; we’ve had groups of 20-50 agricultural students to the States; and groups of 30-50 farmers to both the USA and Ecuador.
  1. Our tours are customized for each group and the price varies with the group size and what it seeks to see and do.
  2. Recent trips vary from USD $1,800 per person for a 12-day farm tour to Costa Rica for a group of 35 agricultural students to $4,200 per person for a professional group of 12 in Puerto Rico for 16-days that included bioluminescent kayaking and artesian rum tours.

Experience International staff has worked in a number of agricultural and natural resource projects around the world. The professional contacts and intimate knowledge of each country gained through these projects, is the base of what we offer on a study tour. Through our International Training Program we also have over 2000 alumni in 20+ countries who we can also call on to help design and implement quality study tours. It is this unique combination of professional experience and in-country networks that we call on when designing a study tour.

  • Strong in-country networks and relationships with local communities
  • Small, intimate group size
  • Personal attention from start to finish
  • Local in-country bi-lingual guides
  • Flexible programs customized to the group’s interests
  • Programs that respect and protect the natural environment
  • Emphasis on supporting local communities visited
  • Inclusion of cultural activities
  • An opportunity to learn and grow
  • Respect for cultural diversity and the intrinsic value of every community
  • Special inclusion of volunteer and service learning projects, home stays, and hands-on activities
  • “We were part of two international tours organized by Experience International to Latin America. Both experiences were stirring, eye-opening, heart-warming-fantastic!  The folks at Experience International are top-notch professionals! Trip itineraries were clearly constructed with knowledge and respect for the people and places we were visiting. Throughout our trips, we were in awe of the remarkable attention to detail, safety, and participant experience.”

    Maggie and Chris
  • "Working with Experience International was a treat. We began planning our tour a year in advance and EI was willing to work with the other coordinators and me to make sure our needs were met... I highly recommend Experience International for their study tour coordination and guide services."

  • "Experience International worked hard to understand our trip objectives, met with our leadership cohort to get a better sense of the group, and leveraged their relationships to assure the trip was tailored to our needs. It is not an exaggeration to say that EI bent over backwards to assure our experience was educational, safe, and impactful. They frequently adjusted our itinerary (even on the fly) to respond to topics and places of interest from the group."