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Outbound Program

Our Outbound Program provides unique opportunities to gain work experience abroad, travel the world, explore new cultures, improve foreign language skills, gain college credit or enhance one’s professional resume. Experience International can provide you with just the program you might be looking for in Western Europe, Ireland, Canada or Australia.

This program is for U.S. citizens.

Placements Available In:

  • Agriculture
  • Crops
  • Horticulture/Greenhouse
  • Viticulture/Enology
  • Livestock

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Interested in this program? Contact Experience International by emailing us at  Please tell us your name, college (if applicable), and agricultural specialization.

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Program Details

International work experience provides unique opportunities to travel the world, explore new cultures, improve foreign language skills, complete an internship requirement for college or enhance one’s professional resume.

Through our extensive network of partners, Experience International can provide you with just the program you might be looking for in Western Europe, New Zealand or Australia.

Our commitment is to providing you with a quality program abroad and the support you need to ensure a rewarding and productive international work experience.

Work experience options vary from country to country depending on your field of study or profession.

  1. Agriculture and Crops
  2. Horticulture/Greenhouse
  3. Viticulture/Enology
  4. Livestock

Applications and placements are made year-round.

Actual starting dates depend on your placement request (can’t do production ag in Europe during the winter!)

  1. Quality placements through established program partner abroad
  2. Help with documents necessary for visa and/or work permit
  3. Guidance on cultural adaptation, what to pack, and what to expect
  4. Placement and Program Evaluations
  5. Support in the event of an emergency and/or difficulties encountered abroad
  6. Personal accident/health insurance policy
  1. Email your Resume to Experience International.
  2. Dialog with EI staff to determine what country, timing and specialty will best suit you.
  3. Once a country is chosen, complete the country partner’s application process.  You will interview with either us or the country partner.
  4. Placements are made based on: career/experience/education, country preference, dates & duration of placement requested.
  5. Placement information is provided prior to accepting placement.
  • Program Fee: $600. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is paid with the application and $500 is paid once the placement has been confirmed.
  • Country Partner Fee: Country partners charge an inbound program fee. These vary from country to country and range from $300-$1200.  You will be provided with detailed information for countries you are interested in.
  • Visa Fees: Vary from country to country.
  • In most cases, participants receive wages or a combination of stipend, room and board and the amount will vary by country and type of placement.
  • Volunteer positions may also be available.
  • Participants are responsible for international travel and misc. living expenses abroad.
  • Health and travel insurance is required and may be purchased through E.I.
  1. Age: 19 years or older. Some countries have upper age limit of 30.
  2. Experience: Documented work experience OR prior internship in field related to requested placement.
  3. Education: Enrolled student or graduate of a post-secondary educational program.
  4. Health: No physical or mental health problems that would limit activities or present possible potential safety problems for self and/or others.
  5. Language: Requirements vary depending upon the country requested for placement.
  • "Experience International made interning abroad a dream come true. I didn’t think I would be able to figure out all of the logistics and make my time overseas as worthwhile as possible… EI proved me wrong! Before deciding on what program I wanted to work through I did a lot of “shopping” for the right fit. EI blew all other out of the water with a very affordable price for their program and the most amazing people to work with. Working in Germany for 3 months changed my life! In addition to more hands on experience I am now a much more confident communicator, traveler, and overall a more independent person. Thank you Experience International for giving me the best summer I could have imagined!"

    Austin Interned in Germany Summer of 2015